Yummy Brazo de Mercedes from Homebakers Inc.

I was never a fan of Brazo de Mercedes. This sweet desert is a popular rolled caked among Pinoys. It’s foamy on the outside and when you eat it, you’d think that you ate air. One of the things I don’t like about it is that some of the ones I tasted had this orangey taste. I hate how that tastes. So because of the fact that I’m eating something that’s filled with air and orange, I never enjoyed a bite of any Brazo de Mercedes whenever my mom bought one.

However, recently, I discovered a different version of the Brazo. When we celebrated my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary yesterday, my sister brought this desert from Homebakers Inc. It came in a small box and you will see 16 small brazos, which the pastry shop calls merceditas (I think).

brazo de merceditas home bakers cebu

After everyone got their share of this sweet desert, I got one and placed it in my mouth. This small brazo de mercedes from Homebakers is bite-size. You can immediately stuff the tiny cake inside your mouth. Since I do not want to consume everything, just in case I wouldn’t like its taste, I just chewed a small bite. And boy was I in for a surprise! Not only did I enjoy it but I liked its taste too! Homebaker’s version of this brazo de mercedes have this stuffed yam inside, which is sweet. For the non-sweet tooths, they might find it too sweet. But since I’m blessed with one, the taste was just right. As a matter of fact, I helped myself with three servings of those delicious and yummy treats!

My sister was trying to find a red velvet cake and when she failed to get one for the occasion, she went with the brazos instead and I was glad she did. 😉

I am still going to look for that cheap and easy-to-find red velvet cakes. I already found one at Leona’s and I’ll feature that someday here. I also had the chance to taste the red velvet cupcake at La Marea and will share to you how that one looks like. As for the brazo de mercedes of Homebakers, I think I will frequently visit their shop and try out their other treats! My mom’s birthday is nearing in a couple of days and I think I’ll schedule that trip and check out their cakes this time 😉

Homebakers Inc. is located at 181-1 Juana Osmena St. Cebu City with telephone numbers +63 32 2536217 or +63 32 2534265.

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