Yellow Rose


shot using macros settings w/ flash

One fine day, I got bored in the house and when I saw one of the roses blooming on our center table, I immediately grabbed my phone cam – N82 – and started taking pictures. I was testing the macros settings of the phone cam to see if they are still good.


shot with macros settings and a flash


shot with macros settings and without a flash

Oh that’s our Christmas tree in the background with an angel on top (instead of the normal star)Ā  šŸ™‚ I aim to get a DSLR or a decent camera this year or the next one so that I can enhance my skills in taking pictures šŸ˜€

I really had difficulty getting the shots focused. I guess its a sign of the deteriorating shutter speed or something. I really don’t know. The quality of the pictures I took were not as good as before. I guess its telling me to buy a real cam šŸ˜†

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