Write A Hate Post For a Chance to Win 10,000 Pesos!

I learned from Batang Yagit‘s shoutouts in Plurk and in Facebook that he had had the worst experience riding Zest Air when he was on his way back to Manila from Iloilo after the Visayas Blogging Summit. His flight was rescheduled to a non-existing flight and to make matters worse, he was asked to pay for not showing up on the flight.

And then today, I saw this contest published online by Jehzlau Concepts. P10,000 is up for grabs! What you only need to do is write a hate post about your experience with Zest Air or imagine yourself being stuck in the same scenario Batang Yagit had to endure and write about your reactions.

To know more of this contest, check out this link here – A Cool Contest Before November Ends.

For more information on Batang Yagit’s horrible Zest Air experience, click here.

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