why the change in the title?

I was watching movie trailers in HBO (or was it in Star Movies?) as I waited for he next show to go live when I saw a familiar movie. The program was showing what used to be one of the films I kept watching when I was still in high school. The Concierge was the title of the movie and starred Michael J. Fox and Gabrielle Anwar. However, towards the end of the trialer, the title of the trailer caught my attention. It read “For Love or Money”. whatda?!?!?! I knew too well that the title wasn’t what it was and I wondered why they changed the title of the movie. I preferred “The Concierge” better over “For Love or Money”. I hate!

Photobucket Photobucket

Check out the titles.

Both have the same pictures but with different titles. grrrrr!!! One is from Amazon.co.uk and the other one is from wiki. Had a hard time searching for the old title as most of the sites updated the title to the new version, which I don’t approve of.


  1. I have watched the movie lately over HBO and it was titled “For the Love of Money.” Or so I thought. I’m confused. Anyway, I have watched this movie few year ago and is one of my favorites. I like the savvy character portrayed by Michael J. Fox. 🙂

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