Why I removed Kontera

For a short time, I added Kontera to my site in the hopes of earning money online. But I decided to remove it.

Kontera works like adsense but the ads are embedded as context links. When you hover your mouse over to the double-lined words or phrases like cosmetology colleges a pop-up balloon shows containing ads of that word. I even sent out invites to some of my friends since their referral program offers you $25 if they sign up. The only catch is Kontera has to be “active” on their sites. Kontera defines “active” as having 50,000 impressions in 60 days. Uhhmm…my Adsense hasn’t even reached 1,000 impressions for the last 2 months! What they are asking is impossible.

I removed Kontera simply because it created a conflict with one of my sponsors for my paid advertisements. I got  into panic mode when I was trying to have my first paid post approved and I received an email saying that there’s a problem with my entry. That’s when I realized that Kontera was at fault. The impressions that it generated from my site were also low which led me to giving up that opportunity instead of having problems with most of my sponsors.

I got to know Kontera when I was blog hopping and stumbled on a certain site where it’s active. Curiousity won over and I found myself signing up in the hopes of maximizing everything just to earn online. Oh, if you don’t know yet, I’m also aiming at earning money through blogging. Am not really relying on it, but I am hoping someday I could earn like the rest of my blogger friends. For now, I’ll be patient and wait for the right opportunities to come.

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