Why I love cakes?

Honestly, I don’t. But my friend infected me with her passion for cakes. There came to a point where every night we had to hang out at Postrio in Parkmall 168 just to eat pastries. I loved that routine and at the same time hated it. Loved it because I get to eat those yummy pastries. Hated it because it didn’t help much on my dwindling allowance. But as my motto goes “Feed my tummy, that’s what matters.” πŸ˜†

The friend left for Italy. The other friend is also trying to meet ends and this is good news for me so that I can control my diet and manage my finances well. hehehe

So, please don’t be surprised if from time to time I’ll be posting some random pictures of my cake-trips. I haven’t been to one lately. (I have to consider my budget and my weight) hehehe

I guess this just means that I’m badly craving to have a slice of my favorite cakes!

(I’m open to donations…Eds, Wena, Hoodrey, anyone… πŸ˜† kidding!)

your Frustrated Cake Addict,


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