Where to Stay in Caramoan

For those people who’d rather go backpacking in Caramoan, here are three places where you can stay in Caramoan.


La Casa Roa, they say is the most expensive hotel in the Caramoan Peninsula. This is where the crew of Survivor Bulgaria stayed. This was also where other Survivor crews stayed (like Italy and France).



Rex Tourist Inn is another budget place where you can spend your days in Caramoan.


And last but not the least, Villa Juliana Inn. The rooms are priced at P500 for non-air conditioned ones. Air conditioned rooms are charged P750 or P800. 4 heads can be accommodated in one room. Try to contact the owner to ask if there’s an extra charge for extra heads.

In case you’re wondering where you can eat in Caramoan, there are only a few choices.


Lutong Bahay (“home-made cooking” in English) is a famous eatery in Caramoan that serves affordable meals.

Back of Lutong Bahay which offers more seats to its customers


Bed and Dine or “Kamalig” as what theΒ  locals call the place is where you can also dine to feed your hungry stomach. The catch though is that the food here are quite expensive compared to the Lutong Bahay place.

I’ve read in a blog that their stay in Villa Julliana was so horrible. Maybe they were just unlucky. When me and my friends stayed there, we weren’t really looking after having a comfortable place to stay.Β  What we were in for was the affordability of the Inn. The main goal was to have a place to rest after a grueling day of basking in the sun and hopping from one island to the other. We didn’t even know that they provide blankets and towels till we spent our last night. So make sure that you are proactive in asking for blankets, towels and free amenities they offer.

Villa Juliana Inn’s contact information:

Rogelio F. Reyes
+63 921 2261395


  1. wow sound great, might want to go there when I got money.

  2. sherry, you should! πŸ™‚

  3. thanks so much for this post, it helps a lot, i was able to talk to the owner of villa juliana inn and he gave a lot of info. my husband and I plan to go there on dec27-29, and we’re after affordability as well, i just want to see this beautiful place. do you think the water is ok around this time? any other tips will be so much appreciated, thanks again.

  4. hi franz! i’m glad you found this post useful. am not too sure about the weather by that time. better ask the owner too since he is from the place. No one knows of these info better than the locals of the place πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy your trip. Never forget to drop by Camsur Watersports Complex if you love water adventure. That was the highlight of our trip in Camsur. Check out my friend’s blog about those places too coz I haven’t found time in finishing all my Caramoan trip diary. We went on this trip together. You will find some useful information there too. πŸ™‚

  5. my camsur trip is now all set, thanks again to this post πŸ™‚

  6. ibrahim P Lomondaya says

    me and my travel buddy are planning to visit caramoan by july 2011.we are backpackers and we are after the lowest price possible with regards to accommodation,island hopping and food.we just want to enjoy the place.
    would it be cheaper to arrange the travel by there travel and tour agencies or we just go there on our own?
    pls help our MADLANG PPOL to decide….thanks in advance

    • hi ibrahim, if you are after the cheapest budget, i would suggest you do it on your own. when we went there, i contacted a tour guide. when we were about to leave Villa Igang, the owner of the guesthouse showed us the regular rates of the boat trips, which was far cheaper than what we paid our tour guide. your boatman can be your tour guide if you want. I would suggest you ask the guest house owner if he has contacts if you really want a tour guide. I think Villa Igang has the cheapest rooms but this was back in 2009. enjoy your trip! πŸ™‚

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