Where in the World is Bubbles?

When I was still working in IT Park, Lahug, it couldn’t be helped that I end up dining at Jollibee IT Park due to their value meals especially when I don’t like the food served in our pantry.

On one of my solo lunch takeouts on a busy time of the day night, I’d have to line up in Jollibee to buy my food. So I was there alone waiting for my turn to order when suddenly I heard this big happy and exceptionally perky voice behind the counters of Jollibee.

The voice said “I received 500 pesos from your lucky wallet!” A smirk forms in my mouth when I heard that comment. Then I patiently waited for my turn. Again, that voice said “Thank you for coming and more power!” Now I started getting curious. Who could that person be?

As I moved forward to finally place my order, I saw this guy behind the counters.

The name plate pinned on this crew’s shirt said “Hi my name is BUBBLES

Bubbly Bubbles
the very bubbly Bubbles as a Red Ribbon crew

And that’s the first time I experienced the “Bubbles Magic!”

Bubbles is just an ordinary fast food crew who has an exceptional way of showing excellent customer service. Every time Bubbles takes your order, he makes sure that he adds his own personal customer service touch to make your order experience bubbly!

Here are some his famous lines when taking your order..

“I received money from your lovely hands”
“Pwde kahuwat ug 5 minutes kay gipalami-an pa imong burger” (Please wait for 5 minutes as we are preparing an extra special burger for you)
“I received 50 pesos from your fabulous and expensive-looking wallet”

then all of a sudden, I no longer saw Bubbles in Jollibee IT Park. He was one of the reasons why I constantly buy food from that food chain. The other crew members of Jollibee tried to mimic his customer handling skills but no one was able to match Bubbles’ great customer service skills.

A year after, today to be exact, I was really happy when I saw Bubbles again. He is now working as a crew at the Red Ribbon outlet in SM Cebu. When I saw him, he even greeted me with “Welcome to my new home! Thanks for visting me!” hahaha. Same old Bubbly Bubbles. Nothing changed with the way he handles his customers. He is still in his usual perky self. I guess what’s great about his new home is that he has accumulated more punch lines for that Magical Bubbles Experience like “bug-at ang among cake sa tiyan pero dili sa bulsa kaya bili nah!” (our cakes are heavy on the stomach but not on your pockets, so buy now!)

Bubbles even mentioned that one of his fans created a Facebook page for him and told me to check it out. I couldn’t help smile at the thought of seeing him again. Upon checking out his FB Fanpage, you will read how grateful his customers were for his ability to bring a smile into their faces, including mine.

So to those who doesn’t know what happened to Bubbles and wonders where in the world is Bubbles, you can catch him at the Red Ribbon outlet in SM City Cebu. If you want to experience great display of exceptional customer service skills, you oughta pay Bubbles a visit and experience the Bubbles Magic!

You can visit his Fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/saksinibubbles to know more about his exceptional service 😉


  1. surprisingly nalingaw baya pod ko aning bayota ni. hehehe. not a discriminatory comment hap.

    • hahaha. mao jud. lingaw man sya. imbis na wa kay plan mokatawa or bad day ka, mausab imo mood sa iya effort. lol

  2. makalingaw jud baya ni si bubbles. Mawa imong sapot sa mga irate nga customers.

  3. Kacute naman niya. ^_^ Sana makit-an nako siya pag mudalaw ko sa Cebu. Siguro malingaw kaayo mi.
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  4. Mao na sha ang gi.ingon na Good Customer Service.. hehehe
    lingaw sha, ing.ana palang tanan service crew,
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  5. hi doi!

    haha! i never thought i’d come across blogs from ex-officemates. ^^ i’m jenny from NACS wave 18. i don’t know if you can still remember me though. ^^

    nalingaw ko sa blog entry. i never also thought i’d find something online about bubbles. naa pa xa fb page!

    by the way, nice blog!
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