Where am I?

I have been in the office for more than 24 hours now. Most of the time dozing off or fighting the sleep. I have been deprived of a good sleep ever since I started with this new account. I know the problem lies within me. But as to the question of me being fully aware of what I’m doing, that’s a definite big YES. But as to the question of how long I would keep doing this, that I do not know. Am not to sure but I really think that in some weird way, my mind is really structured or to use an extreme word – autistic. It seems that my  mind won’t work if it’s not in an environment that is suitable for clear thinking. I no longer know what I’m typing. To those who are still able to catch up, kudos to you.

What I’m saying is that it seems that my mind has a mind of its own. Wherein it refuses to work when with people but is productive when left alone in a peaceful and quiet environment. Is there a cure to this? What I wanted to know too is if there is a cure to sleepiness? I know you’ll say enough rest is the key. But as of this point, that’s not an option. Or if it is. I just don’t know where to squeeze it in despite my so-called hectic life. *sigh*

I kinda find it refreshing to rant at something. I haven’t done this for a very long time and definitely not here too. But kevs! Char! 😆

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