What am I???

People from Bicol are called Bicolanos. People from Manila are called Manileñas. People from Cebu are called Cebuanos.

My parents are both Bicolanos so I thought I must be a Bicolana, right? But wait! I was born in Manila. Does that make me a Manileña? Oh! I also forgot. I grew up in Cebu. Has been living in this beatiful island since I was a year old. Now what? Is it Cebuano then?

I been confused with this for the longest time. I even submitted a paper about this at school when asked to write bout my roots.

I know I’m a Bicolana by blood, Manileña by birth and a true Cebuano by heart!

But what exactly am I?


  1. you’re pinay…just like i am! 🙂

    i was born in capiz but grew up in manila. my family is from capiz, so i consider myself a capizeña. or you know, “aswang” to make it short. haha! kidding!

  2. hahaha…you’re right there faery! I’m pinay, just like you are. hehehe…

  3. you’re pinay doi … para walay libog hahahaha

  4. ayawg sunod2x weng. 😆

  5. bisdak ka doi!

  6. Lagi eds! Bisdak sa? 😆

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