Welcoming 2013

My clock registered 5:09am on January 1st on the year 2013. 1st blog entry for 2013 The rest of my family’s still asleep and so are the rest of my neighborhood. I can hear crows nearby telling everyone to wake up since the sun is about to wake up.

Even at this ungodly hour, I’m still not sleepy since I slept before we started preparing our New Year’s eve food. Five hours after the new year arrived and 2 HBO movies after – Captain America and Angels & Demons – my tummy is still full from all the food we ate earlier. Well, actually, I can’t consider having eaten huge quantities of what we prepared for New Year. In fact, I only ate a little and I couldn’t understand why tummy got full so fast.

Anyway, now that a new year is upon us, I am going to see to it that I start working on my plans to achieve my dream of travelling the world. I know this is one huge and extravagant dream but I want to make sure I try even if it meant waiting till the end of my days. char!

In order to realize this goal, I am committing to go out and get a normal life back. And when I say normal, it meant getting a day job.

Everything is not final yet but I may see myself working again tomorrow if all goes as planned. With the unemployment rate rising each day and with close friends having the trouble of looking for a stable job, I’m too grateful that these opportunities come knocking on my doorstep.

So now that 2013 is finally here and we get to survive the end of the world hoax, I’m going to welcome all the challenges that this year will bring with open arms.

I will never forget a poster frame we had when we were still kids. It said “Don’t pray for an easy life. Instead, pray to be a strong person.” With this, I will continue to pray harder to become strong so that I can withstand all the challenges that will come my way. And with all that said, 2013, bring it on!

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