Welcome KFC!!!

Soon to open KFC branch in i2 Building, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

I’m so glad that Kentucky Fried Chicken is finally here in IT Park, Cebu. I can’t wait for the store to open. We have been joking for over a year now that KFC will open in The Walk. And when asked where the outlet will be located, we’d say on the same spot where Tapa King is operating. We are kinda foretelling that that store will close soon due to its expensive food. It’s not fit for the Cebuano market. My colleagues and I even joked about how we’d open our own franchise of KFC. But now, we no longer have to wish ill for Tapa King for our prayers were answered. KFC will now open in the i2 Building in IT Park. I’m guessing they’d open before the 1st half of June. I can’t wait for them to open and I hope they operate 24/7. They’re going to open beside Jollibee. Now that’s what you call competition. 😆

Goodbye Jollibee and McDonalds.

Welcome KFC!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!



  1. KFC is a company owned store, sister company of RAMCAR Group of Companies ( Motolite, Misterdonut, Tokyo-Tokyo. You cannot franchise KFC here in the Philippine.

    Anyway, Welcome KFC IT Park…Finger Leakin Good!!!

  2. congrats on a new food joint! however, i will never say goodbye to, nor grow tired of JOLLIBEE! 😛

  3. just read from your post that it closes at 11pm… any info on what time it opens? thanks

  4. Hi Mel,

    I called the Redemptorist branch and they said the IT Park branch opens at 7am and closes at 12mn. I will have to confirm it with the store later since they have no telephone line there yet and during their opening last Friday they said they’re only open till 11pm. Will keep you posted.

    Thanks for dropping by Mel! 😀

  5. thanks for the info doi.=)

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