WDs Quick Drive Test

I don’t want to panic. I can’t afford to panic for now. Am still in a state of denial. But I guess I have to accept this soon. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Two days ago, while I was cleaning my room, I was playing acoustic music from my WD External Hard Drive. All of a sudden, I heard a loud crash and I saw the HDD lying on the floor. It didn’t break to pieces but a part of it opened and I had to press it to close the hard drive again. When I plugged it in Lenny, it showed error messages saying it won’t open the files. So I tried to restart Lenny and I saw that the HDD worked again. I let out a huge sigh or relief as I thought that it was the end of all my files.

I planned to backup all the photos from that HD but got busy.

Now, when I tried to play a song from it, it started playing for a while then it suddenly stopped. Then, I saw that Lenny couldn’t read any files from it anymore. I wanted to cry but my face just gave away a blank stare. I didn’t feel anything at all. It was as if I wasn’t capable of feeling any emotions when I saw the status of the drive from Lenny.

Earlier, I tried running the Quick Drive Test courtesy of the WD Smartware but until now it has not finished testing the drive. It only promised a 2 minute test but after 20 minutes, it still shows 90% complete.

WD Diagnostic Test

Can I just die naw? huhuhu

There are precious photos from my trips on that HD that I have not blogged yet. My Pinatubo files were there! Sagada, Zambales, Ilocos, Guimaras, Sumilon, and more. Everything’s on that HD. My Ayutthaya trip, Pai, Chiang Mai and even my Siem Reap photos were there. I want to cry but my stone heart won’t allow me to feel anything. Paksyet! 🙁

I hope that I can still recover the files in there. Please! Please! Please! Make it work again 🙁

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