Waterfall Hopping is Fun

Iligan City is one of the highly urbanized cities in Northern Mindanao. It is famous for its waterfalls. Actually, as of date, there are 23 recorded waterfalls found in this city. And I was one happy fellow when I got the chance to visit 7 of those amazing waterfalls.

What’s even more amazing  is the chance to visit the waterfalls with Jollibee, that cute and cudly mascot from the largest food chain in the country.

Jollibee happily joined us in visiting 3 of those gorgeous waterfalls. Although the way to get there was kinda challenging, it didn’t hinder the giant bee from reaching the waterfalls.

Maria Cristina Falls
Jollibee, happily posing for a jump shot

The locals who were also present at the falls lit up the moment they saw the mascot. They also took turns in having their photos taken with the lovable bee. Kids will definitely remember that day when Jollibee went with them to visit the waterfalls.

Tinago Falls

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