Visiting a Bargain Bookshop in Cebu

Recently, my friend Wena and I have been going out on food trips. Yesterday was just another one of those random days that we decided to go out and splurge for the sake of satisfying the worms living inside our tummies. hehehe. So after working on an undercover assignment yesterday, we went to Café Egao (which I will talk on a separate post) to have late lunch. I already had lunch prior to our meet up but since I’m one supportive friend, I had to eat another set of meals when Wena took her lunch. 😆 After our small meal at Café Egao, we decided to pay La Belle Aurore Bookshop a visit.

I’ve always wanted to drop by this bookshop in Mandaue to check out their collection of bargain books and I’m happy that I finally got the chance to visit this bargain book shop. The store is small and to those who are book lovers, you might palpitate at the sight of all the books that occupy the shop’s walls. There are so many books in there!

La Belle Aurore Bookshop is open on Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. You will find this shop nestled at Hernan Cortes St. in Mandaue City. There are no jeepneys that ply the area so if you are planning to drop by, you either have to take a taxi or ride a tricycle from somewhere near Matias in A.S. Fortuna or at the flyover in Subangdaku.

My friend Wena is a book addict. So being in places like this would brighten up her mood. hehehe. My friend loves to read books. She’s also a fast reader. On the other side, I buy books but I am not really fond of reading them. During one of our conversations, we even discussed how crazy I am for buying books but haven’t started reading any of the ones I bought. Well, if there’s any consolation, I read all of Harry Potter’s books. But I bought the Twilight Saga but never read any one of them. I am that weird! 😆

So, if you were to ask me, I’m more of a book collector for I collect books and hopes that one day I’ll read them. hahaha

I actually bought a lot from BookSale. My friend, Wena, also has an online book shop in Cebu where she sells pre-owned books and I also bought a couple of books from her. But I haven’t read any of them. And now that I visited La Belle Aurore, I bought more to add to my pile of stuff to read. I just hope I could start reading them all.

my latest collection – 8 bargain books

If you are a bookworm and wants to find cheap bargains for your addiction, better check out La Belle Aurore. They also have a branch in Junquera St. in Ramos, Cebu City (in front of Elicon House just across USC Main).

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