Unexpected Present

When I arrived home today after staying for more than 24 hours in the office I received a couple of postcards from Postcrossing members. What surprised me was the postcard I received from China. Instead of the normal postcard I receive, this one was enclosed inside an envelope. I wish you could see my reaction when I opened the envelope πŸ˜† I was really jumping like some sick kid when I saw the contents of the envelope. My new friend sent a couple of stamps too. I was really really really really happy!!! Alas! I have stamps from China now to add to my collection.

And although I lack sleep and am supposed to get one as soon as I arrive home I still chose to post this entry to show you my unexpected present. Am sooo happy!!!! πŸ˜€

I’ll have to choose among my stamp collections later to send back to my new friend. I hope I can accomplish it before the week ends.


  1. wow! di na masyado gamit ang snail mail since emails are quicker,kaya kala ko di narin uso ang stamps. Ano nga tawag sa nangungulikta ng stamps?.hayyyss, nasa tip ng tongue ko, pero di ko mabigkas..

    These are great doi!

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