Underwater Photography and Freediving

I got worried a bit that my Olympus TG-1 might die anytime soon after I saw moisture seeping in the camera when we went to Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor. I was about to go on another freediving session and with the absence of a depth measuring device, the camera would be a useful tool to gauge how deep I could dive.

When I tried to submerge the underwater camera in the sea waters of Maribago, I made sure that moisture won’t form inside the lens, otherwise I’d have to retrack my swimming fins to bring the camera back to shore. It was a good thing that I didn’t see the moisture that I saw in Kagusuan so I resumed my normal swimming routine.

I immediately took photos of my companions and looked for interesting subjects underwater.

I basically like taking photos of anything underwater. I had to dive a few depths in case I find something interesting. I also checked my camera’s manometer to see how deep I went and if I could get new bragging rights on  how far I could swim down. And am so happy for when I checked the manometer, it registered a new record for me. I was so ecstatic! But I’ll share that in another post soon. 😉

On one of my dives, I found this cemented block a few meters. I saw that it had ropes in it and it would be the perfect place to stay under while I test my breath hold. I slowly dove and then secured my hand to the rope to make sure I don’t go up immediately.

When I scanned my surroundings for interesting things to capture, I found the perfect subject. I immediately clicked the shutter button numerous times to make sure I capture what I saw.

After checking the photos when I got home, and after a few edits, I’m so happy I captured one beautiful shot – that of my friend Ayn ascending from his free diving while on top of scuba divers.

Underwater Photography

While it may not be a clearer photo of my friend, I’d have to say that it’s one of the best shots I’ve take so far when underwater photography is concerned. I want to continue practicing my freedives and I also want to master the art of taking underwater photos soon and I can’t wait to find more beautiful scenes down under.

P.S. so sorry if the first part of the blog doesn’t make any sense at all. 😆

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