I came to know Twilight through Audrey, who got addicted on reading the book first. She has read all the 4 books and was really ecstatic that they made a movie out of it. So first thing’s first, she definitely have to watch the movie. I also got hooked to the story and realized that I wanted to check out the movie too.

The moviegoers, mostly teens, were really screaming in the theater especially when there is a romantic scene showing Edward and Bella.

I think many of those who watched the movie had already read the book. I haven’t. But after watching the movie, I couldn’t resist buying the next book. I saw a paperback version of New Moon and Eclipse being sold at FullyBooked on our way to the theater. I could hardly concentrate on my work as I can’t get off my mind the feeling of buying the books immediately. But I have to resist it. I want to read Twilight first before reading New Moon so that I will understand the whole Saga. But the bookstores here ran out of stocks of the first book. Poor me.

As for the movie, I think it was a great one. At first, I was really anxious at how the director chose its main casts. To me, Edward really looked funny and dead. And Bella was ordinary. But the movie turned out fine and met my expectations. For me, a bad movie is when I’d easily get bored wherein I couldn’t wait for it to finish. Twilight didn’t get me bored.

My apologies to my companions in the theater for bugging them when I had to ask what the characters were saying…hehehe…

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