Trying out the Soju drink from Korea

I go gaga over Korean soap operas before. But due to my busy schedule in the past months, I failed to see the latest Koreanovelas on TV. Now I have this friend, Wena, who is way too gaga over them and had me convinced at trying their Korean dishes – specifically the samgyeopsal. I’ve been meaning to try the Soju drink from the restaurants we dined but because it was too expensive, I had to stop myself.

One day, when my friend and I went to the supermarket, I found the Soju drink and decided I had to buy one to determine what it tastes like.

You see, the soju sold at Korean restaurants cost P200  or roughly $5. But at the supermarket, they only sell it for P80 or $2. So out of curiosity, I bought this drink together with samjung, the korean dip for the samgyeopsal that we love so much.

I think it was 2 weeks ago that I bought the alcohol. When I looked at the bottle, it says from the bottle that that Soju is made from sweet potatoes. It has a 20.1% alcohol content. I really don’t know what that meant; like if it means that the alcohol content  is stronger or what. It also shows that the bottle is 360ml and the company that manufactures it has been in the industry since 1924. The bottle I got was the Chamisul Classic and it says that it uses Bamboo Charcoal Filtration with 100% natural ingredients, whatever that means. For more information on this drink, you can check out their website, which is also available in the bottle label – The drink suggests “enjoy with a twist of lime or cold straight shots”. But since there were no limes available at the time I drank it, I just chose the cold straight shots.


But I didn’t notice those writings on the label. All I know was that it’s one of those drink that were normally drank by characters from the Korean soaps that I watch. And tonight, I decided that I should finally taste this drink after it sat on the floor of my bedroom for weeks. After chilling the drink, I got a mug and poured a little amount to taste it. My taste buds registered the drink as something too sweet but the alcohol was really distinct after swallowing one gulp, like you could exhale alcohol off your nostrils. And the soju was not too cold yet when I drank it.

I already found the drink too sweet for my taste but I liked the alcohol content in it. So I placed it back in the chiller and grabbed me some Boy Bawang to offset the weird sweet taste of the drink. Out of the blue, I decided to consume the contents of the bottle for the rest of the night while I consumed the Boy Bawang because I realized it would be such a waste to loose the alcoholic content of the drink if I let it sitting in the fridge as it awaits for my next drinking spree.

Honestly, I had to stop breathing everytime I drink the alcohol to stop smelling the drink. Don’t get me wrong here but there’s nothing wrong with how it smells. I just have a problem with how it tastes because it’s too sweet for me. And holding my breath gives me that feeling that the taste won’t matter much if I just drink everything in one gulp.

After consuming almost all of the Soju bottle, leaving only less than 1/4 of its contents, I decided to stop the drinking spree. (I was also drinking by myself inside my bedroom if you want to know. hahaha). I decided I’ve had enough. I was running low on my boy bawang snack and my tummy told me it’s already full after drinking the alcohol so I decided to stack whatever’s left inside our fridge. After I came back in my room after stashing the bottle safely inside the ref, that’s when I realized that the drink (naigo ko sa ako giinom) actually made me tipsy. And no matter how I tried hard to fight it, I felt like a slimy vegetable while my body got numb. I realized I underestimated the soju drink!

I guess I was just out of practice with drinking that I immediately got tipsy after that 1 bottle. I even failed to consume all of it! Perhaps, I should be paying attention to the alcohol content in my next drinking sprees!

When I told my friend, Wena, about it, she said I should sleep already but I just had to blog about it first here. wahehehe. And as of this writing, I have already consumed 3/4 of the bottle’s content so I would like to apologize in advance for the errors in grammar, spelling and the like as I really really feel tipsy right now after consuming almost all of the Soju’s contents but can’t wait to blog about it. hehehe. addict much?!?

If you ever decide to drink soju, be sure you have a full stomach to avoid getting drunk instantly. Also, this drink is like Tequila which you won’t be aware of its kick not until you have consumed all of it so be very mindful of your consumption, ok?

Will this stop me from drinking Soju? Maybe yes and maybe no. I actually told Wena that this can be paired with Samgyeopsal but we are also planning to try yakiniku from a Japanese restaurant and try sake instead. I just hope I don’t get tipsy with that as I’d be driving by then. hehehe.

How about you? What are your thoughts of the Soju? Do you like it? Has it ever made you feel tipsy? Share your toughts by leaving a comment below!

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