Trying out Different Flavored Loaf Cakes at Leonas

When my friend asked me what’s a nice pasalubong to give to the family of his gf, I asked him what he had in mind. He said that there are a lot of dried fish from the gf’s place. Dried mango may be overrated and expensive. Then he mentioned Rosquillos and Otap. My eyes rolled and had to say “Please lang. I don’t even fancy those biscuits. They’re so Bisdak!” hahaha. Pardon for those die hard Cebuanos out there. I’m a die hard fan too but not on those biscuits this time. 😛  I think otaps and rosquillos are so 80’s and 90’s. But then again, that’s Cebu’s pride so go on. If any of you guys reading this are thinking of things to bring as pasalubong after your short vacation in Cebu, by all means, buy otaps and rosquillos. But I’d also suggest you not forget buying galletas, salvaro, turrones de mani or even pinasugbo, ok?

Anyway, since I don’t think my friend isn’t going anywhere with great ideas, I told him why not buy those loaf cakes from Leonas. I would have wanted him to add dried mangoes too but he might be out of budget. I specifically told him to consider buying the choco-banana and the carrot walnut loaf bread. The carrot walnut for that “healthy” impression since it’s made from carrots. The choco-banana for that feel good yummy to goodness desert. But he was out of luck when he decided to buy the loaves late in the afternoon since the store ran out of stocks. So the next thing happened, he asked me to go to the store to help him choose the best flavor to buy.

Leona’s Cakes and Pastries is a Cebu-based business and this is one of Cebu’s pride, which I’m also proud of as I couldn’t resist eating their yummy pastries. As far as I remember, this pastry shop in Cebu just sprang out of nowhere. Because of their cake’s delicious taste and the affordable price tag on all of their food offerings, me and my family soon became converts (from the usual Goldilocks and Red Ribbon). And I’m happy to see the success of their business as they branched out and put up more stores in the metro. I just hope they open a shop in Ayala too.

Leonas Loaf Cakes

When I arrived at the store, my friend was having a hard time in choosing what flavor he’d buy. There are actually so many loaves to choose from. There’s the apple, strawberry, blueberry, banana, carrot, chocolate and more (these are just loaves and cakes are a different matter). Since we wanted to make sure we personally liked the taste of the cake we’ll choose as pasalubong to the gf’s family, we had to taste all of them. And it’s a good thing that these yummy loaves come in slices too so that we could try out all of them. That’s how we normally eat cakes in Leonas – buying almost all the flavors – so this move wasn’t new to us.

Leonas Cakes

After our hearty taste tests, I had to agree with my friend that the banana cake was just a regular banana cake – although yummy, it’s just banana – no kaartehan to it. The apple loaf tasted more of apple cinnamon to me and I didn’t like the fact that they omitted the cinnamon part in naming the cake. The blueberry one was consistent in its being moist. What stood out was the strawberry loaf. Honestly, at first, I was intimidated with the color of the loaf bread. It’s pinkish-reddish color was a turn off and it was screaming “I’m-just-another-strawberry-flavored-ordinary-loaf”. But after a bite of that delicious loaf bread made me almost forget my name. Swear! LOL. It tasted strawberries! I know, that’s what it’s supposed to taste like. But it’s yummy! I couldn’t even taste the blueberry from the blueberry loaf nor the apple because of the strong cinnamon taste but the strawberry loaf was perfect. My bulate inside my belly were rejoicing after every bite of it. 😉

So, after carefully considering and weighing each of the flavors of the cakes we tasted, we had a unanimous decision. The winner came out to be the strawberry and blueberry cakes. After my friend paid for his purchase, the staff handed him two green boxes with the loaves in it. I had to point out to him the importance of giving a pasalubong which has nice wrappings so that his “gasa” to the family won’t be too bisdak-looking. hehehe. As the saying goes – ‘dress to impress’. char!

As to what the family thinks of his gift and the taste of the cakes, only they can tell. Am just happy to help out in suggesting the ideal ‘peace offering’ along with having the chance to taste those yummy treats too.

So if you are not from Cebu and you want to know what Cebu pasalubong you can bring to your loved ones, try to check out Leonas, ok?

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