Travelling to Sagada with My Bos Coffee Travel Journal

I recently went on an impromptu trip to Sagada. This was so not me to be honest. I usually go on planned trips since I need to carefully consider and prepare my budget. However, on this particular instance, I didn’t hesitate twice when a friend offered to ask me to join him on a trip to Sagada. We were to meet the rest of our high school classmates in Manila for our other friend’s homecoming trip. After that event, my friend decided to make the most out of our stay in Luzon and thought of different itineraries ranging from going to places like Vigan, Baguio, etc. But because of the typhoon that hit our country at that time, we had to adjust to our travel schedules and improvise.

bos coffee travel journal
Sagada’s Echo Valley with a view of the Hanging Coffins

If our itinerary list could talk, it would have complained after the numerous edits we did to accommodate each person’s itinerary. Finally we all agreed to go to a certain place and from there, only my other friend and I will go on with our trip to the boondocks.

I got excited with this trip and I immediately packed my new travel journal from Bo’s Coffee and brought it with me. I’ve never owned a travel journal before and this opportunity to travel back to Sagada after 4 years would be a wonderful way to document my adventures in my travel journal.

bos coffee journal
Bo’s Coffee Travel Journal featuring Sagada

During the launch of Bo’s Coffee travel journal, we were asked for our most favorite place in the Philippines. My first answer, without a doubt, was Sagada. Sagada is also featured in the journal. And ever since I visited this place in 2010, I vowed myself to go back here. I just never realized that it would be that soon after being asked that question. So I was so thrilled and happy to have found the chance to travel up north and go back to a place that’s dear to my heart.

I was not at the my best health when I travelled to Luzon and I thought that I was getting better when we started heading for the mountains. However, the travel stress and the coldness of the place made my condition worsen so I  never got the chance to fully explore Sagada as much as I wanted to. I just compensated that with numerous food trips though. I was really careful not to push myself over to avoid going home with a pneumonia or something.

My Sagada trip was a memorable one and all thanks to my handy Bo’s Coffee travel journal, I got the chance to document the best moments of that adventure. 🙂

early morning in sagada

P.S. Will show you more of the perks and beauty of that wonderful travel journal in the next posts 🙂

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