Transformers 2

I watched Transformers twice. The reason? 😆  I originally planned to watch the movie with Pia, my ex-supervisor, but she went on vacation to Davao and I was dying to watch the movie so I went to see the movie with Praline and her hubby last Sunday. I thought that Pia would have watched the movie before she gets back in Cebu. But she didn’t,  so I went to watch the movie again with Pia. 🙂

our tickets

I made reservations at and although there was a long line in the ticket booth, we didn’t have to line up for there was a special counter for online reservations 😆 I pity those who had to line up to buy their tickets. They should know better and should have reserved tickets online. 🙂 We even bumped into my other ex-supervisor, Wynsum and her best friend Tin2x and they said they are going to SM since the line in Ayala is crazy.  We can’t help it but to boast that we made reservations online so it wouldn’t be such a hassle for us to purchase our tickets 😆 peace!

Honestly, at first, I was really disappointed with the movie. I thought it was too much. I am really not a Transformers fan and I had a hard time distinguishing Autobots from Decepticons. There was too much fighting going on in the desert too. The sound quality of the movie shown in Cinema 3 of Ayala was also bad. I thought my ear drums were acting up again but I learned that Praline’s husband also complained that he was having a hard time understanding the movie due to the sounds. The theater’s air conditioning malfunctioned too since it was really humid inside the theaters.

I am glad that Pia failed to watch the movie in Davao. After watching Transformers the first time, I told myself that I may have to watch it again to better understand it. And so we did.


Yesterday, Pia, my cousin and I watched the movie. I only told Pia I already saw the movie when the movie was about to start. I couldn’t see the reaction on her face but she jokingly said she wanted to leave 😆  It was fun watching the movie with her coz she’d blurt out comments, giggles and laughs every now and then as if she was watching it from home.

Anyway, after seeing the movie twice, I finally understood it. It’s really not that bad after all. hehehe

Next stop, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I am looking forward to seeing this movie with Pia, Praline and Val, and my 2 cousins (if I have extra cash June ha. hehehe)


  1. I saw the first one and wasn’t all that impressed. To me, I want less of the human story elements and more of the big robots (that is, after all, what Transformers is supposed to be all about, right?) Maybe the second film is better…
    .-= Rob´s last blog ..December Sun #3 – Page 11B =-.

  2. aTe dOdz..!saw my name in this entry…hehe… 😀

    looking forward for HARRY POTTER,,,,lol..

    hehe…peace out..

  3. sge…let’s see june… 😆

  4. Angels & Demons beats Transformers hands down.

    Yeah Harry Potter rocks

  5. hehehe…thanks for dropping by Angela. I can’t wait to see Harry Potter! 😀

  6. transformers says

    The Harry Potter movies are brilliant and this one is no exception – both my kids and my parents love them, they truly span the ages.

  7. yep! i truly agree! 🙂

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