Transferred To A Different Hosting Provider

Finally! After ranting ever since I signed up with, I finally decided to transfer to a different hosting provider. Since I have quite a number of domains that I purchased – not knowing what to do with them 😆 , I knew that I am bound to move to a different hosting provider which offers unlimited stuff – domains, disk space and bandwidth.

But I wasn’t in a hurry (or so I thought). I was waiting for end of October or early November to do this. I was eyeing for Hostgator’s 3-year Baby plan for $7.95 a month and was saving up for it. That’s around $286 or Php12,500++. I was also thinking of signing up with Bluehost since they are $1 cheaper but really preferred Hostgator.

But after what 3iX did last September 11th, that’s when I decided to signup with Bluehost. I haven’t saved up for Hostgator’s yet and although they offer a monthly plan ($9.95/mo) I just signed up with Bluehost since I also read good reviews about them and to just get this done and over with.

What lead to this decision was 3iX’ inability to backup my files before they decided to reset their servers. What they had on their system was a backup dating August 13th. That meant losing a month’s worth of data. I also experienced problems with their servers every month. I just didn’t complain much since I was used to it and I was only paying $3/month to host 3 domains – that’s hosting 1 domain for a dollar on a monthly basis. I guess this was what I got for going cheap. Cheap hosting means crappy service, especially from an unreliable hosting provider such as 3iX. I just pity my friend whom I also recommended signing up with 3iX. She had to endure the same crappy service. Ed even had the worst experience. His other site was completely wiped out. They didn’t have a backup on their servers. Good thing he had a backup on his end but that meant losing all his pictures posted there. 🙁

So far, this site’s up and running thanks to the support team of Bluehost! 🙂

Acutally, I encountered problems installing my personal backup. At first, I thought this site’s doomed. I was getting an error message saying:

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I didn’t have the time to look for a fix on that. When I told Wena, she asked me if I already contacted Bluehost’s tech support. That made me pause. At the back of my mind I thought – “Could it be possible?” Then I remembered Wena mentioning in the past that she always asked her hosting provider’s tech support for assistance. I really never thought this was possible. I was used to fixing my site’s issues on my own due to 3iX’ lack of enthusiasm in assisting problems like this. And would you believe it? Bluehost’s tech support indeed fixed the problem. There’s one thing I requested them to do before they fixed the problem. I asked them to tell me how they fixed it so that I can work on similar issues in the future on my own. And they did. (Although I won’t really be able to solve this one. The tech support said “the error suggests that there are two primary keys that are the same in your .sql file” and “I was able to comment out the bad lines in the backup file you gave us to import the data.”) 3iX will just tell you its a problem on their servers or its a virus or stuff like that. They don’t tell you the details. With Bluehost, you’d also feel like you’re talking to a live person when you chat with them. Their email support team is also superb, except for the part where they address you as “Dear Customer” in their email instead of your name or last name – no personalization on that aspect. Other than that, I can’t help but say that for the first time, I really felt at ease knowing that my sites are in good hands. I have yet to test how Bluehost operates too. I’ve heard reviews where in they are great for the first few months but tends to provide lousy service after – I hope this doesn’t happen to me though. But for now, I am very much satisfied with the level of service they have given me. 🙂

I’m not saying goodbye to 3iX yet. This domain’s registered with them. For $10, I get to pay for the domain with free privacy protection. That’s a good buy already and I’m not complaining this time 🙂 If only I could transfer this domain to Google I’d love to as I’ll be paying the same thing and get the same features – 3 of my sites are registered with them via blogger 🙂 . I haven’t found a way to do that yet. If you know how, please let me know, ok? 🙂

P.S. I intended for this post to be a short update on what happened to the site for the last 3 days. I guess I just couldn’t stop typing 😆


  1. sounds like you’re really raving about Bluehost ;))

    where did you hear about Hostgator and Bluehost? and where are their servers located? I’ve been thinking about getting my own hosting but several friends offered to host my two domains for the meantime so I took their offer hihi. But I’ve been eyeing hostmonster and justhost since those are top webhosts according to some sites (and some people). And you can get hosted at $4 a month with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

    I talked with justhost’s support once and they were helpful. I, too, am amazed at useful tech support these days. I’ve had too many experiences with unhelpful ones that it’s hard to believe the good ones actually exist! Hehe..

    Better end my comment here. lol. I’m competing with the length of your blog post. 😀
    lainee´s last blog post ..Come out- come out September 2010 Mechanical Engineering Board Exam Results

    • Hi Lainee,

      P.S. am trying to remember my original reply. had to reload everything again to fix minor issues with the site so here goes 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by the site Lainee.

      My past and present clients are both using Bluehost and Hostgator for their online business. This was the reason these 2 companies where on top of my list. A lot of my friends have also recommended Bluehost too.

      Wow! Getting free hosting service is really something. But I have a thing against that as it limits your freedom to move freely and learn the system on your own which is why I preferred paying for my hosting provider 🙂

      I was eyeing at Hostgator before but I’ve read on some reviews that their IP address is banned in China, not that I have readers from China, which I’m not sure too 😆 Then something about their servers being located in Utah too and the laws there being complicated and such. Because of this, I opted to go with Bluehost.

      I have a friend who recommended Hostmonster too so I think that one’s ok. As for justhost, honestly, this was really my top choice since its cheap. But after reading some bad reviews of the company, I decided to go with Bluehost. I guess I just need to pay extra to make sure I don’t experience the same lousy service I’ve experienced with 3iX. 🙂

      I really don’t mind the long comment. I’m happy to hear your opinion. Keep it coming, ok? 🙂

      Till next time! 😀

  2. congrats doi! i will follow suit nya. hehe
    Ed´s last blog post ..after a 13-day vacation

  3. ah mao diay doi nga natingala lang ko gahapon ba to or the other day nga blanko man imo site!
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