To Whom It May Concern

I know I have no right to judge you or them or him or the way you were brought up coz I really never got the chance or may not get the chance to meet the people responsible for who you are now. I may not be able to assess nor analyze nor understand why you’re so proud of them despite everything and despite him being a total scumbag and a loser, but hear me out.

Well, I guess if I were to compare your relationship with him, YOU’d be the drug pusher, and HE’d be the drug user.You keep giving him his drugs. How can he stop when he has your sympathy and all as bait? When will you learn?

Countless times have I told you to step up and take the lead. Don’t let him take control of it but you still didn’t listen.

So my question is this….WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?

Are you going to wait for the 50K or so so to become 100K? Maybe 500K? Then eventually 1M? How bout 10M? Would that be enough?

Will it be when he sells your soul or all of your souls? when you get a heart attack? Or when you die? or when he dies?

For the Nth time, please don’t let him ruin you. Coz I think that’s what he’s aiming to do. To slowly bring you ALL down with him, six feet under.

Please, enough of the excuses. Get a grip, will you?



  1. it hurts to see him this way right…

    when he gets like this or hear him make plans to take matters in his own hands, i block him out…i harden and try not to feel and say anything about it..

    we have said a lot and given advised a lot…decisions still lay in his two hands and heart..

    we can always offer a sympathetic ear when he needs one,
    we can always be the “clown-&-buy-him-ice-cream” friend when he needs cheering up

    we know he’s hurting too
    but that is his ways of handling things..


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  2. we really can’t blame the person
    he has a soft heart…no wonder his own kind would take advantage of this weakness
    i just wish he grows up

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