To Quit or Not

My hands are tied with a lot of stuff and when you think something is amiss, its hard not to think of options. Would you give up the chance of earning 10 bucks every week just because you are not being paid properly? I mean the task is so easy, super easy. But when you are not paid on time, it will affect your ability to deliver results. I’m two days behind schedule over some task I am working on simply because I think that they no longer cared what I’m doing. I wonder if I should quit or not. Because of their leniency, I also failed to finish a different task that I am supposed to finish 2 weeks ago and my friend is suffering because of this. My apologies for this friend, you know who you are. I wanted to quit this one, but I just can’t. I’m more concerned about your reputation. I really wanted to finish the project and I may need to look for the perfect time to finish everything and gracefully exit after. But definitely, I need to demand payment for my services. But as for the other major task I was working on, I really don’t care if they pay or not, even if it means losing around 80 bucks.

So going back to the ultimate question, do I quit or not? I still haven’t made up my mind though. I wish they pay up on time so that I’d be inspired to work on the project with gusto.

On the lighter side, I am amazed that I turned down another project. I should be overwhelmed at the thought of them hiring me but the topic was not really appealing. I realized that after being hired for project that suits my style I can work effectively when the tasks I select are well suited to what I want. So I guess I’m gonna be more choosy with my projects.

Before, I thought of accepting all projects that comes along but then I realized that I cannot do all of them. And although it is important for me to build up my reputation, I’d rather do it the right way. That means, choosing my projects carefully to deliver good results.

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