To Panic or Not Panic…waaaaaaaaaaa

I haven’t slept at all. I started using the PC since 1pm yesterday and it’s almost 7am now. I think I really miss my PC badly that I couldn’t stop grabbing pictures from everyone else’ Multiply sites. I haven’t even started updating that site!

It’s so good to know that I have nothing to do. Am not even pressured on my lack of enthusiasm for starting to work on my technical paper. *sigh* All I did was edit pictures, pictures way back March. And I don’t even understand why I was giving it importance.

What bothers me though is the fact that today is Sunday, and soon it will be Monday, then Christmas den the trip. I haven’t checked for resources online on how we’ll travel north. I desperately need to plan our IT so that we can budget our money. For one, I don’t even have the budget to travel. How I wish I could have the tickets refunded!

I also hope and will pray that the weather will cooperate with us.

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