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someone said that if you are a travel blogger, you need to do more than simply post articles about what you did, where you went and all those stuff bout your itinerary. as claimed, if you are a travel blogger, you should be writing about the significance of your journey or something that is out of the extraordinary. something that will tell more from your travel, not just those basic stuff, something more in-depth…something with soul.

well, to me, it depends on who your target market is. if you are trying to win a nobel peace prize for every article you write or if you are like a high school student who wants to produce a reaction paper out of every journey you made, then i’d probably go for that melodramatic, novel type, documentary article to prove to people i can write and that what i write has content. but if i am someone who belongs to the majority of the crowd who’d simply search stuff on how to’s and tips on traveling, then i’d certainly go for that informative style of writing. coz to me, I believe that people search for travel information online not because they want to know what the writer felt the first time they ate a pear and how they can describe how sandy it felt in their mouth. or perhaps how the smell of honey reminded the writer of her mom’s favorite bath soap.

in my case, i blog about stuff because i want to share information to individuals who need to know what i have to say. maybe inject a few humor here and a few emo stuff there. but i write because i want to know that people who think like me will have access to the kind of information i write. i do admit that i am more of an informative writer rather than the poetic type and i normally find it hard to express my thoughts. whatever i lack in expressing my thoughts through writing, i compensate through showing photos of the stuff i’ve gone to or those stuff i’ve seen, experienced, witnessed. i am not a pro when it comes to taking pictures too but i know it will do and the effort is there. also, quoting from The Photobloggera picture speaks a thousand words. but a thousand words is not enough“.

so i guess it’s really up to your readers and how they perceive of your writing style. we all have different “clients” that we have to cater to. what’s important is you continue doing what you love to do while keeping an open mind on suggestions on how you can improve your craft or how to conform with what the rest is doing and not pass judgement when their writing style failed to meet your standards.

oh well, these are just my thoughts… 😉


  1. Everyone has their own blogging style! Be comfortable with your own!

    Oh and belated happy birthday, welcome to thirty-hood! And have a happy Halloween weekend/solemn All Souls’ Day!
    fortuitous faery´s last blog post ..Creepy Carrot Cake

    • hi faery!

      its great to hear from you 😀 and i totally agree with your comment too.

      thanks for dropping by and thank you for the greetings.

      Have a spooky Halloween there! 🙂

  2. thanks for this. im new to blogging and this really helps! 🙂
    Carla´s last blog post ..Backpacking Day One and Two – Cebu – Manila – Ho Chi Minh – Hue

    • np! glad to know you found this useful carla. enjoyed reading your blogs too. 🙂

      thanks for dropping by 😀

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