Things you should know about the Sky Experience Adventure:

1.    They accept credit cards! Hooray! 😆

2.    You need to ride the elevator and go to the 19th floor where you buy your tickets. You can also get your free snacks here. (When the place gets packed, the chairs/tables cannot accommodate all, so goodluck for some may have to stand while eating their snacks)

3.    Their iced tea is unlimited!

4.    Don’t be fooled by the Grilled Sandwich picture on the menu. I thought it looked yummy and big so opted for one. What I got was just 2 slices of sandwich bread with poorly plastered mayo with your choice of tuna, chicken or ham & cheese inside, then grilled. That’s it. Nothing special about it! Not even yummy! Just plain Grilled sandwich. Better order the Tuna Turnover or Pineapple Turnover, if I were you. You can try the hotdog bun too if you’d like. Haven’t seen one served there though.

5.    If you eat your free snacks before you head for your adventure, make sure you ask your stubs back. Coz you can’t get inside if you don’t have your ticket. (My friends had no idea of this and when they were about to get in, they couldn’t because their tickets were with the snack personnel. After some brief arguing, they were able to get their entrance ticket – retrieved from the garbage can!)

6.    You might get confused with your tickets. Separate the entrance tickets from the Ticket for the rides. The entrance attendant may get confused too. They’re really not that friendly or helpful. Lacks customer service skills, I would say!

7.    It’s best to eat your snacks before you go for the rides. The Sky Walk Extreme would queue if there are a lot of people wanting to walk. You’d have to wait for your turn.

8.    When you pass through the entry point of the adventure, you have to ride another elevator going to the either the 36th floor (where you’ll have to climb the stairs going to the 37th floor – Sky Walk Extreme area, then climb another set for the Edge Coaster Ride – 38th floor). There’s no elevator on the 37th floor (I guess for the moment).

9.    Let’s start with the Sky Walk Extreme: Here you will be asked to pay Php20.00 for a pair of socks. The people at the 19th floor won’t give you a hint that you need to wear sneakers/closed shoes and socks. They can provide footwear for use at no extra charge, though. The pair of socks looks really really really ugly!!!

10.    You’ll be asked to sign a waiver to free the company from liabilities in case something happens to you. What’s really funny was that on my second time there, they ran out of Waiver Forms. They just crashed out the name of the previous person who signed in the form and asked us to sign beside it. On the Edge Coaster Counter? They asked 2 persons to sign 1 waiver form! Wow! You’re really something You!!!

11.    Anyway, you can’t bring anything inside the Sky Walk area. No phones, cams, watches, bags, etc. You’ll be provided with a locker (free of charge) where you can keep your stuff. (Bad part is they’ll only give one locker unless you specifically request for another one. Haler! Can’t you see there were like 6 of us??? And you only give us 1 locker?) They also ask for an ID Card in exchange for the locker key/bracelet. (I was already fuming at this point if you can sense it. Really really bad customer service).

12.    So after we go through another “check point” as we enter the Sky Walk waiting area, we were given jumpsuits. We wore them on top of our clothes. Some of us were given sneakers to wear for the walk. Then the Sky Captain will start briefing us of the dos and don’ts once we’re outside the building. After which, we were asked to wear our harness and wait for our turn.

13.    Only 10 persons can walk at the same time + 1 photographer + 1 guide. So if you’re with a group of 12 or 11, I’m sorry, but you have to break the group.

14.    It may take an hour or more for you to wait for the other batches to finish, which was why I suggested you ate your free snacks before your climb up the floors.

15.    When you’re on the walkway, you can scream people’s names if you’d like, just for fun. Hehehe…You can scream stuff like “Pay your Debt, Booooy!” or “A**hole!” of “F*c* u!”

16.    When you get to walk, you’d soon discover that the poses that you planned while waiting your turn will soon be forgotten. You’ll ran out of ideas when you get there. But to those camwhores like us, be sure to abuse your photographer! Hehehe.. Too bad, there were a couple of them who doesn’t know how to take pictures! And to think they are using a DSLR, what a shame! (Suggestion: Since we are paying for the pictures, can’t you at least give us tips on how to pose and the best places to strike those poses? Too bad for my second visit. The group I was with had lousy pictures! I didn’t join them on the walk, though. We were 11.)

17.    Before you strip your clothes off, after the walk, don’t forget to call your photographer and ask them to take a photo of you inside the building with costumes and all and also as you strip off those suits. The poses will really be cool depending on your imagination and creativity.

18.    We failed to get our photos the 1st time I went there since their network got infected by a virus. We had to come back after 3-4 days, I think. But gosh!!! Oh really really gosh!!! Another agonizing experience happened. The thought of finding our pictures among those many pictures??? It was brutal! I really wanted to grab the mouse from the girl so that we can immediately find our pictures. The attendant manning the picture selection was really not trained for the job. Horrible! The files were not organized and the filenames, I don’t even know how they came up with those names! On my second try, their system was up and running but we still had to endure the process of finding our pictures and have it burned on a CD. Worse experience! They should give them some online courses about taking pictures or something as it’s really upsetting not having great shots.

19.    Edge Coaster Ride. We had fun here. We took turns with the ride, one after the other. We let the 1st batch or pair ride while we capture their moments on cam. It’s best to tilt it 550 but it’s really scary! Super scary! On my second try, it was at night time and I realized that it’s much scarier than during the day time. I couldn’t move! But I had to tilt it still. So there, I tilted it to its maximum to feel what its like.

20.    Tip: You can either go for the Sky  Walk Extreme daytime or night time. Both looked great. You can capture the city by day and the city lights by night. For the Edge Coaster Ride, I’d suggest you ride this during the day or when the sun is still up coz it’s hard to capture your facial expression in the dark.

21.    I almost forgot! DO NOT FORGET to pass by the TILED WALLS going to the elevator of the 36th floor when you go down. Great place to have your photos taken! You can reach that floor using the stairs from either 37th or 38th or use the elevator from the 38th and go down to the 36th.

Verdict: The rides were fun! Super fun, if you know how to have fun and be creative with what you have. The staff, poor service, I say! Not proactive. I work for a company where providing excellent customer service is our top priority so I know what service is supposed to be, not this kind.

The prices, a rip off! I’d say they’d soon empty your pockets before you knew it but you have no choice but to conform since you’re after the experience! But I guess we are all fools.

Just a thought: Laguna’s Enchanted Kingdom offers unlimited use of all the Park’s rides, inclusive of Entrance Fee at P400 and P500 on weekdays and weekends, respectively with the no camera restrictions. And Manila’s Ocean Park only asks P400 for Adults and P350 for kids, again with no camera restrictions.

Sky Experience Adventure is currently on an ongoing promotion now. But for how long? How soon can we expect them to start charging Php380 for the entrance fee and Php500 for each ride? Really a rip off I’d say!


  1. haha, angry entry ah. hehe

    Ed’s last blog post..KDE 4.2

  2. hehehe 😉

  3. Wow! What a bad service.. Anyway, do post up your photos.. even though it’s bad. Would love to see them. If I’m there, I will surely try it out.. 🙂 I do hope by the time I get there, if I do, their service will be improved..

  4. heehee. my sis and her friends did this over the holidays. they also said the prices were way too high ;-( too bad, but they enjoyed it naman 😉

    caryn’s last blog tea chu hi

    • hehehe…the photos are posted under the following entries Cashmere:
      – Debbie’s Birthday
      – Edge Coaster Ride
      – Skywalk Extreme

      or you can visit My Photo Journal for the detailed pictures.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Oh great blog! And a really great help! I’d be going back to pinas next week and was planning to experience the skywalk – no thanks, maybe next time. I think I’d rather spend my time at the mall or the beach. Thanks to your blog. 😀

    • hi ringkang,

      thanks for dropping by. this post was written a year ago. although i haven’t been to the place again after that, i couldn’t really say if major changes were made including the way how they run things there and the prices of the rides. there’s only one way to find out…hehehe. however, spending a day at the beach seems to be a great idea too. 🙂

      i do hope you enjoy your trip back!

  6. i uber like your blog! i don’t like going to places where customer service is disappointing. kinda having a second thought from the first time i’m deciding and now, i’m really not going. depends pa rin. let see! i might, but it’ll just spoil my time with this one. i’m going to cebu tomorrow! =))

    • hi fei!

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad u like my site 🙂

      Honestly, I’m not sure how they’re running the place now since this was written more than a year ago and you can check out the place if you want to and decide from there 😀 and if someone sponsors the rides, y not grab it! LOL

      I hope you have a great time on your trip! 🙂

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