The Ultimate Question

To quit or not. That has been bugging the mind of someone I know lately. Let’s call her Joy. She has been contemplating on whether quitting would be a good idea considering all the responsibilities she is faced with. But mind you, these responsibilities are personal ones. Mostly keeping up with her lifestyle. But then again, she has to consider the welfare of her family too. She has tried to ask permission from her parents that she’ll quit and become a professional bum. She was serious when she asked the question but her parents brushed the idea off. What’s really ticking her is her thinking of quitting her full time job and become a “Full Time Freelancer” šŸ˜† To those who’d hear this, they may find it absurd but it has been bugging her mind ever since. Oh well, she said she’ll wait and see when the right time comes. And that’s 5 months from now. Personally, I’m bent to the quitting side rather than the other…Not unless great opportunities come in place at work for Joy.

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