The Tale of the Travelling Crab

It was after midnight when I heard a scratching noise coming from my door. I’m seated right behind the door of my room so hearing that sound bothered me. I know it must not be my parents for if they’d need something from me, all they have to do is call out my name instead of scratching on my door. I also made sure that the noise was not coming from the hanger which was hanging on my door knob.

I wanted to feel the slightest fear for what’s on the other side of my door but I couldn’t. Instead, I slowly moved my chair and carefully opened my door. What I saw next took me by surprise.

travelling crab

It was one of those crabs my sister brought from Tacloban. When I opened the door, it walked slowly sideways going to the back of our TV stand. I stopped myself from laughing at this funny scenario. I immediately grabbed my cam and I got lucky was able to capture a photo of the crab as it moved fast and hid underneath our TV stand.

I felt mixed emotions when I saw the crab. I had to process thinking if I should wake up my parents to help me grab the crab. I was afraid that its giant tentacles would bite me. But I needed to try capturing it first. So I took my flashlight and grabbed a tong and started moving our furniture to catch the crab. I had to make two attempts before I finally pinned its body in between the tongs. Then I washed off the dirt it gathered from the area where he hid. I was having a difficult time pressing the tong harder. I had to focus to avoid panicking and dropping the crab. I carefully went inside our kitchen to look for a pot where I could place the crab. Since the crab was also fighting for dear life, it escaped my grip. Luckily, it dropped on our kitchen sink. As I hurriedly looked for a pot, other smaller pots and pans went flying to the ground producing crashing sounds. It was a good thing my parent’s room was far from our kitchen. Otherwise, I would have awakened them.  Once I placed the renegade crab inside a pot, I covered it with the lid and another heavy pan in case it gets loose again.

After an hour, I was surprised to see my mom walking around the dining area. Then she said “Nawawala si crab” (The crab is missing) with a sad tone indicating a mother losing her most precious pet. I told my mom what happened and she was relieved to hear that the crab was not missing at all. When I asked her what she was doing in the living room, she mentioned that she was trying to look for the crab. hahaha

Pahamak talaga yung alimangong yun! LOL. When I went to our bathroom, I saw a rope in there and I figured that the crab must have freed himself while he roamed around our bathroom. LOL. Siya na ang bonggang crab. Looks like he was having a grand time touring around our house before getting caught. hehehe


  1. Lakbay Diva says

    lol, the traveling pinchers na xa doi 😛
    Lakbay Diva´s last blog post ..Diva Preps for Adventure

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