the SMART switch

Ever since I got myself a cellular phone (year 2000), I have been using Globe. The rest of my family too, except for my father who travels a lot.

Last year, I made the big switch.

The option was really simple, to continue using Globe or switch to Smart. Both of them are giants in the telecommunications business. Almost all of my friends use Globe. There was even a point where I laughed and mocked at a friend for using Smart when the the rest of us are using Globe. Although Globe is widely used by a lot of people, Smart offers more network coverage, as they say.

Promotions for unlimited texting also emerged and I got hooked with this too. I even used Sun Cellular for a short while but I stopped using it for certain reasons and continued using Globe’s unlimited texting scheme. I am also fond of using their “PasaLoad” feature where you can send a load to a prepaid number. This was when I started having problems keeping up with my bills.

I never used a prepaid subscription. I’m always a believer of a postpaid subscription to avoid the hassle of finding a store to reload my balance. I also don’t like the notion of thinking that when an emergency situation arises, I won’t be able to use my phone since I ran out of load.

So going back, my contract with Globe ended on September 2007. I signed up for a rebate offer where I get a 50% discount off my monthly service plan. But this step didn’t help me with my bills. I tried to look for alternatives. I checked out Smart’s offerings and I discovered that they were giving away a free Nokia N82 with a fixed monthly subscription for existing Globe users. It’s their way of asking people to switch to Smart. After checking reviews of the phone I want, I immediately decided  to make the switch.

I thought that by moving away from Globe, I’d lessen text messages from coming in and out. Although this meant cutting off more than half of my friends from sending me messages and closing my world to them, I saw this as a sacrifice that I had to make in order to manage my phone expenses. Anyway, there are still a lot of ways to keep in touch with them.

The funny part was my sister got a job offer from Globe and she accepted it. She is now connected with that company. And a few months after, I switched to Smart. She then accused me of being a traitor and that I wasn’t supportive of her with the decision I made. To me, it’s nothing personal. Unless she’d pay for my bills, then I’d gladly use Globe again.

I really did not cut my Globe subscription. I gave the plan to my brother since it would be a waste to let go of the rebate. He is now enjoying the consumable plan it offers while paying half the price.

As of this point, I’m contented with the switch I made with Smart. Not only was I able to manage my bills, but I was also able to get a really really cool phone. I wouldn’t trade anything for that! It is indeed a “smart” switch for me. 😀



  2. My Pink Shoelace says

    Am glad you made the switch, otherwise I wouldnt have anyone to bug about giving me pasaload hehehe

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