The Party

Alright, after some last minute changes, I’ve decided to change my “costume”. I’d like to term it like that no matter how formal or informal the event seems…hahaha.. Why? Nothing. I just want to term anything that has to do with dressing up as wearing “costumes”. LOL

Anyway, I really failed to get enough sleep since I was trying to check if I know how to apply my own make up to cut on costs but it was really a total disaster. What I enjoyed the most was me taking my own pictures as I made a mess out of my face. hahaha

The venue was already packed when we arrived and the program started. We got our food and asked for our glass of free drinks. I really got pissed off since only after we called a fourth waiter to remind us of our drinks did they tell us that they ran out of drinks and we have to do away with plain water. Imagine that!!! I was really really fuming mad. I couldn’t look straight to the camera with a happy face every time my colleagues took pictures of us. To worsen the situation, the emcee was really lousy. I just wonder why they chose him when they knew that he has a different humor. To explain in detail, I almost dozed off to sleep when he read his long scripts ala Uncle Scrooge (I think). (Disclaimer: If ever the host of the party reads this, no offense boss, but nothing personal, ok?)

What a way to start the night! Well…I definitely needed to adjust my mood that night. I just waited patiently to check out who our guest performer will be. This was actually one of the reasons why I decided to join the party. Last year it was Jay-R. This year, they got Christian Bautista to entertain us. The entire ballroom was filled with screams from the female species and soon the stage was filled with them, having their photos taken with the guest as he sang. Christian Bautista is a very popular balladeer in our country. He really sings well and I like his songs and his voice. What I hated was for him to assume that it was his concert. When he finished a certain song and talked to the crowd, he said that it was his first time to hold a concert where he was having a photo shoot at the same time. Whatda??? “HIS CONCERT???” Uhmmm…like… haler! You’re our guest! We didn’t technically attend the event to hear you perform! Grrr! Argh! The male species, on the other hand, left the ballroom, probably went out to get some air or just left because they couldn’t stand it. I mean, the guest sang for the entire night and owned the stage. If the guest hired was someone that the male specie finds interesting, I thinks they too wouldn’t find it boring. I just pity them. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. Oh, and while we suffered with the balladeer, the other 2 sites nearby got Bamboo and Parkya ni Edgar to entertain them. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

To me that night was a total disaster with a series of unfortunate events in between. I’ll not dwell into the details of the other events..

Anyway, the moral? Be grateful we have this event. Others don’t. But, I may not attend future Xmas parties from now on. :-p

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