the LOVE month

It’s now February, the love month. “Love is in the air” as they say and to prove this, we discovered at work that my officemate’s love life is soaring high. I do believe that he’s still in cloud nine and one could really tell that he is definitely in love. I wish the best for you xxxhit!

As for me, I’ll be off to Malapascua soon with some friends. I’m so excited for I haven’t been to that part of the province. I will pray and hope that the weather will cooperate with us on that day coz the waves tend to get rough at that area and I don’t want it to be a scary vacation.

What’s in Malapascua and where is it? It’s a tiny island on the northern part of Cebu. I’d pretty much say that it’s like Boracay yet unspoiled and untouched. There you have it. When I come back, I’ll most likely look for some online colleges so I can jumpstart my career. But I’ll enjoy the beach first.


  1. hi doi! wow, malapascua sounds like an exotic island! have fun!

    oh, i sent your miss iggy postcard on feb 2nd, so watch for it in the mail!

    i also have an honest little tag for you here!

  2. yey!!! thanks faery! I’ll wait for it in the mail. As for Malapascua, I heard they don’t have electricity there, though am not sure now…hehehe…

    Thanks for the award/tag! (my 1st) 😉 Will work on it after work. 😆

  3. hi doi.. celebrating Valentines with friends? How sad.. No love life still?? heheh..

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