The Frank Sinatra in Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

I saw a video link in Facebook about a kid, Malaki Paul, who auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. After seeing the video, I got hooked at viewing other similar videos until I came across the link of someone who joined America’s Got Talent. I got curious when I saw the link’s title saying “America Got Talent Car Washer Sings Frank Sinatra”. I clicked on it and found the video interesting.

It showed the audition of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., a car washer, who decided to join America’s Got Talent. Anyway, check out the video if you want.

Landau Murphy’s performance was amazing. He took the judges by surprise with his voice. With the way he entered the stage and his guts to chewing gum before the performance, the judges thought he was one of those contestants whom they would let go after performing on stage. But when he started singing, the 3 judges were amazed by how good his voice was.  What’s amazing was that Landau’s voice resembled that of the late Frank Sinatra. One of the judges even admitted having goosebumps when she heard him sing.

After seeing Landau Murphy’s audition video, I checked out more of his performances. Then I learned that he emerged as the winner of America’s Got Talent 2011 season. Here’s Landau Murphy singing My Way by Frank Sinatra, which made him winner of 2011’s America’s Got Talent.

 I don’t know what kind of singing or talent the rest of the contestants possessed on that year’s season but I guess part of the reason why he won was because of his style of singing. I think majority of Americans love Frank Sinatra or those who sang like him, so having someone sing something close to a legend will ensure getting the support of the people. And since one of the major factors to determine the winner of that show was through text votes, Landau sealed his fate with his choice of songs.

On a side note, I also grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, Matt Monroe, Tony Bennett, Paul Anka, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble, and the likes. When other kids were introduced to Beatles, my musical ear was more inclined to liking songs from those great singers.

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