I finally came home tonight after making the hospital my home for the last three days. Yep. That’s right. My mom had another mild stroke, her 4th one actually. Last Monday, she woke up with a high blood pressure and had nausea. She was basically lying down on our couch the whole day. My dad tried to bring her to the hospital that night but she insisted on going home since her blood pressure got stable. However, when they reached home, my mom vomited on the garage. Then that morning, my mom finally decided to go to the hospital. The doctor claims it was another stroke. I think it was the fatigue from the holidays wearing out on her. She’s ok now but not quite for her speech is still slurred. She insists on going home and claims she’ll just stay at home to recover. I am against this decision since she barely eat anything in the hospital,  how much more if she’ll be at home, without any IV supporting her. But honestly, being in the hospital is also an inconvenience on my part since I can’t fully work on my pending jobs properly. I just hope she recovers well soon.

As for the teddy, that was given by our HMO. A freebie you get when you get confined in any hospitals. The teddy actually evolved. From being a keychain, to a full time mini teddy.


  1. doy i hope your mom be well the soonest.. i hi ko sad diay

    • hi cille! thanks2x. i thinks she’s on her way to recovery na for her speech improved na.

  2. what a sad exchange for such a cute bear. if i had to be sick just to get one, then i’d rather not have the bear.

    so sorry to hear about your mom’s condition. i hope she’s feeling better. she has to comply with what the doctors say….stroke is a serious condition and the goal is to avoid a repeat stroke, as it may be worse than the previous one. i know this because my grandfather passed away last month due to complications from his stroke.
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