It's sooooo COMPLICATED!!!

No body mentioned this part to me. Am starting to have nerves on my brain! So here I am ranting about my site not having the 3 columns its supposed to be and then when I accidentally opened the site in Firefox, everything looks the way I want it to be. But with Internet Explorer, […]


Haaay…after finally choosing a Theme for the site, I discovered that it is a mess when one clicks on a single entry. I no longer know what to do. I may have to figure this out over the next weekend. Tsk Tsk Tsk!!! Help from anyone will really be appreciated…I don’t know if I can […]

No PC still

I borrowed a CD installer from a friend and tried to reformat my PC again. I was so happy that it finally worked. I couldn’t install Office, though. I have already finished the installation and was installing some online applications. I tried to install NOD 32 but an error occured when I tried doing a […]

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