After Optimizing My Post

Over the weekend, I was hitting two birds with one stone. And the result? I landed on Google’s  1st 10 search results after typing in the keyword “Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort”. Sweet isn’t it? After a couple of months of being on hiatus, and then this keyword not even belonging to the top 10 search […]

Postcard from Sumilon


Stuck in the office on a holiday

Yeah and it really sucks! Since its also the end of the month, I’m obligated to work on a holiday just so that I can prepare for the reports that I have to make for our quarterly business review and also for next week’s deadlines. I’m just glad my manager allowed me to work on […]

Free GC from Sumilon Bluewaters

Yehey! I finally got my free gift certificates for an overnight stay for two at the Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. Sir Ruben of Pinoyworld, who is also the PR Manager of Maribago Bluewater (Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort’s sister company), went to our office yesterday to personally hand over the gift certificates. He also included Edcel’s […]

Argao’s Torta

Two weeks ago, Edcel, my cousin June and I went to Argao to check out their beach since it is known to be one of Cebu’s haven for those who love to skim board. Before we left the town, I remembered that I should buy some “pasalubong” (keepsakes or presents only found this side of […]

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