A Package from Malaysia

was super delighted to see stamps in the package 🙂 Just got the package I’ve been waiting for from Malaysia. It’s my first online purchase and sort of a birthday gift for myself. Will let you know more what’s in it soon.

Postcards from all over

The other day, I received a couple of postcards from all over. I joined Postcrossing.com over a year ago, i think, and when I find the time, I send out postcards. In turn, I also receive postcards from strangers 🙂 Here’s an instant favorite! from Netherlands – wishing that’s me standing there…tsk tsk tsk Here’s […]

Unexpected Present

When I arrived home today after staying for more than 24 hours in the office I received a couple of postcards from Postcrossing members. What surprised me was the postcard I received from China. Instead of the normal postcard I receive, this one was enclosed inside an envelope. I wish you could see my reaction […]

Australian Stamps

These are the stamps I’ve gathered for Australia. There’s really not much. Am still hoping I could get more from this country.

Philippine Stamps

I promised I’d show my stamp collection here when I showed my Stamp Album 3 weeks ago. So here are some of the Philippines stamps I’ve acquired over the years. I got these by detaching the stamps from the letters my parents received. (uhmmm, got tired of cropping them one by one so I just […]

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