Holiday today = Me = super LAZY!

Hmmm…You ever had that feeling where you had to do something very important, not urgent, but just important but you seem to take your time in deciding if you really should do it? Well I’m in that situation now. I need to do some big time updates on my posts, including a recent trip that […]

Still Thinking

about what to do today. Am still undecided. Have a lot of things in mind to consider. Here’s a couple of things I want to do but can’t seem to think which one to work on first: reformat PC post pictures of Caramoan trip post pictures of CWC experience, kneeboarding and all blog about the […]


So Ive made my decision. After 2 days of witnessing my PC crash, I am now going to reformat! I was so elated this morning when I can’t turn my PC on. All I saw were those message “PLEASE CHECK SIGNAL CABLE” spread on my monitor. Then there’s also a beeping sound coming from i […]

To Reformat or Not

I’ve long suffered with having to put up with how slow my PC works. Am not really sure if it’s because of the size of my files or if it has a lot of worms, Trojans, viruses and what have yous. I’m still thinking if I need to reformat the PC or not. I’m afraid […]

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