Red Velvet Cup Cake by Leona’s Cakes And Pastries

I mentioned when I shared to you the Red Velvet Cake by La Marea that I will show you Leona’s version of their Red Velvet Cup Cake. It was the 2nd red velvet cake that I had tasted ever since I was introduced to this yummy cake by an ex-colleague, who also sells cakes. When I […]

Red Velvet Cake by La Marea

Before, I only knew of chocolate flavored cakes, butter cakes, vanilla cakes and all the other cakes that are either colored dark brown or yellowish white. I never knew the existence of a red velvet cake. But after being introduced to one at work and after tasting one, I got hooked. You see my mom’s […]

Yummy Brazo de Mercedes from Homebakers Inc.

I was never a fan of Brazo de Mercedes. This sweet desert is a popular rolled caked among Pinoys. It’s foamy on the outside and when you eat it, you’d think that you ate air. One of the things I don’t like about it is that some of the ones I tasted had this orangey […]

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