another power outage

Darn! While I’m in the middle of my freelance work, the power went out. Luckily, I already bought a wireless USB Modem from SMART Bro which really proved to be handy at times like this. This is the second time that this happened, although we still experience rotating power outages in the area, but on […]


The streets outside our place are lined with powertrucks indicating that there is a major power interruption in this area of Mandaue. tsk tsk tsk

power outage

Dialled 0322308326. Ring Ring. other end: “VECO good morning” me: “Hi! Good morning! I’d like to ask how long the power outage will last here in our area?” other end: “Are you in the intersection near the bridge?” me: “yes” other end: “Oh, that’s gonna be until 5pm today, Maam?” me: (waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!) “Ah, alright.” other […]

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