Celebrating My Second Birthday

Today is my second birthday. Yes. I have two 😉 The great thing about having two birthdays is that you get to celebrate it again if you missed something on your first birthday celebration. At the same time, I’m excused for renewing my driver’s license late. Which was why I still had the chance to […]

Postrio’s Hot Chocolate

Went to Postrio at the Banilad Town Center (BTC) with Wena to work on some pending tasks. Since she’s a fan of hot chocos, she ordered Postrio’s Hot Chocolate (sikwate). When they served the drink, we were surprised at what they served on our table 😆 we ordered Hot Chocolate and they gave us TABLEA […]


Postrio opened another branch in Parkmall 168 which is in Mandaue. Almost everynight, Leah and I hang out the area to chill and eat pastries. Leah and I share the common craving for pastries. I actually got it from her. I got addicted to pastries because of her.

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