Creating a Wedding Video Presentation for a Friend

Creating a wedding video presentation for a friend is what kept me busy for the past few days. This was the project I’d been secretly doing after getting infected with the Relevant Knowledge Spyware a.k.a. the rlvklng.exe spyware. Last June 11th, one of my best friend, Debbie, asked me if I can create a short […]

Creating My Favicon

It’s one of those days where I try to be productive and set a deadline to stop doing nonsense things only to end up doing the nonsense things instead. And as the clock ticks, so does wasted time. *sigh* Anyway, I tried to create a favicon for the site which won’t involve photos. So with a […]

Out of boredom

… I tried to find some pictures saved on my phone and instead of rushing up to beat deadlines, here I am editing a nonsense photo of me with my eyebags 😆 anah! At least I got to update a picture link to my photo journal site *sigh* I better stop “doodling” with Photoscape and […]

Delaying Tactics

I guess I have nothing else to do. I’m supposed to prepare for work today yet here I am…my face glued to the screen 😆 and trying to look for ways to delay time. hahaha… The end result, editing my photo in Photoscape. I selected the Edge option in the Filter button of Photoscape. I […]

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