Holiday today = Me = super LAZY!

Hmmm…You ever had that feeling where you had to do something very important, not urgent, but just important but you seem to take your time in deciding if you really should do it? Well I’m in that situation now. I need to do some big time updates on my posts, including a recent trip that […]

My Desktop

At long last!!! I have my PC back and working too! Yahooo!!! I only encountered some minor problems with the registration of my OS and after more than 12 hours of the trivial process of installing different apps it’s fully operational! And I love the new look of my desktop! hehehe I’ll blog about it […]


I finally found time to send my PC to a computer shop. I dropped it off last Thursday and I got the unit back earlier. They said that the memory card was defective and had to be replaced. I asked them what’s the best brand they can recommend. They said Kingston and it will cost […]

Without a PC

My PC is still not working. I might have to bring it to a technician. The good thing about thing is I now know how to reset the processor and troubleshoot the hardware (motherboard, drivers and all). After all I did, the PC is not teling me that Drive C might be damaged. Hopeless…

No PC still

I borrowed a CD installer from a friend and tried to reformat my PC again. I was so happy that it finally worked. I couldn’t install Office, though. I have already finished the installation and was installing some online applications. I tried to install NOD 32 but an error occured when I tried doing a […]

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