Withdrew $216.38 from PayPal

Withdrew my remaining stash from Paypal the other day since its time to pay again some bills.  This is the last batch of money I earned when my site still hold a Page Rank 3.  I already cashed out $227 last August 5th to pay off more bills. I’m really sad that with my PR […]

Cashed out $227 from Paypal

yesterday. I was waiting for it to reach $250 but since I didn’t see signs that I will get some of my blogging money due for August 1st and 2nd, I decided to withdraw my money in Paypal since I badly need to pay off some bills. The bad thing is that when I checked […]

My First Adsense Payout

Got my First Google Adsense payout last June 9th and the timing was just right since we planned to go to CamSur on the 12th. Thanks to Google Ads, I was able to use the money to go to other destinations and blog about it.  🙂

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