Relying on a mobile phone modem to connect the PC for Internet access

While waiting for my dad’s laptop to finish installing Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and around 27 more updates, I could no longer wait to open my desktop. I have been waiting for almost 4 hours so that I can get things done. I only have a cable modem and I can only plug my […]

Rain Rain Go Away

It rained hard today and when I was getting bored in the office, I just took pictures of the heavy downpour happening outside from the glass window of our office. I wish I had a DSLR to capture the beauty of the rain as it’s drops made musical noises on the glass window. I took […]

the SMART switch

Ever since I got myself a cellular phone (year 2000), I have been using Globe. The rest of my family too, except for my father who travels a lot. Last year, I made the big switch. The option was really simple, to continue using Globe or switch to Smart. Both of them are giants in […]

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