"Bring The Rain"

by Mercy Me I can count a million times People asking me how I Can praise You with all that I’ve gone through The question just amazes me Can circumstances possibly Change who I forever am in You Maybe since my life was changed Long before these rainy days It’s never really ever crossed my […]

"Here With Me"

by Mercy Me I long for your embrace Every single day To meet you in this place And see you face to face Will you show me? Reveal yourself to me Because of your mercy I fall down on my knees And I can feel your presence here with me Suddenly I’m lost within your […]

"I Can Only Imagine"

by Mercy Me I can only imagine What it will be like When I walk By Your side… I can only imagine What my eyes will see… When Your face Is before me… I can only imagine Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel? Will I dance for You Jesus or in awe […]


by Mercy Me You’re in a better place, I’ve heard a thousand times And at least a thousand times I’ve rejoiced for you But the reason why I’m broken, the reason why I cry Is how long must I wait to be with you I close my eyes and I see your face If home’s […]

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