A Relaxing Retreat at Maribago Bluewaters

Here’s a teaser of today’s events. More pictures and write up coming soon. I’m just so tired that’s why I can’t wait to shut down this PC. But I’m glad we got to try this and more without having to pay anything, well of course we had to pay for the gas to reach the […]

Hoping to see Maribago Bluewater again

After going through the site of PinoyWorld which is run by Maribago’s PR and Marketing Officer Ruben Licera, I saw that Maribago Bluewater has done it again. And this time, they are going national. What am I referring to? Well, its really nothing except that Maribago Bluewater, one of the best resorts in Cebu, has […]

The Maribago Bluewaters Experience

Maribago Blue Water Beach Resort continues to be one of the most sought after resorts in Cebu. Even way back, I have heard a lot of good things about Maribago Bluewaters. Although I grew up in Cebu, it was only last May that I got the chance to visit this wonderful resort. Our company held […]

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