Since Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna was closed when Ed and I went there, we went back to Manila and checked out Serendra instead. A lot of my friends have mentioned that I should drop by Serendra if ever I’m in Manila. They say it’s one of the most talked about places in Manila where you […]

Trip to Manila on Labor Day

I went to Manila over the weekend in the hopes of going to Enchanted Kingdom for the second time to accompany Eds (who has made it his obsession to see the place 😆 ) and Wena, who’s fresh from her trips to Singapore and Baguio. However, Wena backed out of the plan at the last […]

Together We Will Stand

There was a photo contest at work which requires one to submit pictures of any standing, living or non-living thing. The theme was “Together We Will Stand”. Eds already have a lot of stored pictures and he thought that his Gummy Bear photos would be an excellent entry. Since the picture of the gummy bears […]

Waiting in Vain..este in the Airport

We are now here in the Mactan International Airport waiting for our flight bound for Manila. guess which bag is mine on our way to the airport my bro my sister and brother

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