Laptop Safety for Every Travel Blogger

When I started my backpacking trip, I made sure I brought my laptop with me. Since I’d be moving a lot, bringing a single backpack, which stored all my stuff, was the practical thing to do. It would be hassle-free on my part if I only had one backpack to worry. That also gave me […]

Multifunctional Portable Laptop Desk with Cooling Fan from CDR King

Lenny’s desk is it’s Lenovo laptop box + a shoebox for the mousepad Ever since I got Lenny, my Lenovo laptop, I have been using its box as my desk whenever I work in my bedroom. I just place it on top of my lap and I place Lenny on top of it. However, for […]

guys, meet Lenny…

Lenny the Lenovo…

in desperate need to buy my own laptop

*sigh* yep! That’s right. I haven’t found the time to fix my desktop and I am using a borrowed laptop. Since the owner of the laptop has so much stuff to do, I can’t impose on using it, not unless it’s not being used. Right now, I am all set to buying one but I […]

Relying on a mobile phone modem to connect the PC for Internet access

While waiting for my dad’s laptop to finish installing Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and around 27 more updates, I could no longer wait to open my desktop. I have been waiting for almost 4 hours so that I can get things done. I only have a cable modem and I can only plug my […]

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